He Looked Before He Leaped

A partner with an established firm located in central New Jersey asked me smart question. Questions that come before the firm does something and include the words, “What are the ramifications of…” are always smart questions.

In this case, the attorneys that are with the firm are all admitted only in New Jersey. A prospective new hire is admitted in both New Jersey and New York. What are the ramifications of having an associate that is also licensed in New York?

Traditionally, just being licensed in another state doesn’t have any impact on professional liability insurance. While I have seen policies with specific state exclusions, these are rare in my part of the country. Some carriers ask what precautions are taken to ensure compliance with state specific issues like statutes of limitations if the firm accepts cases in states where the firm does not have offices. It is not a big deal, they just want to make sure the firm is taking prudent steps to avoid stepping into a problem.

New York State has some unusual workers compensation regulations that may come into play for out of state firms, depending on the amount of time firm personnel spend in New York. These are easily addressed, just let your agent know before you send people to New York.
Of course, each carrier’s policy contains different language and endorsements. For specifics on how your treats other states call your agent.
Kelan J. Vorbach, CIC is the Professional Liability Program Manager with John B. Wright Insurance. You can check him out at http://www.LawFirmInsuranceExpert.com. For a consultation call 732-223-6611 ext. 108.


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